Converting Pascal case to sentences using regular expression

Zdeslav Vojkovic
April 29, 2009

Here's another reminder to myself: a nifty one-liner regex which transforms Pascal/camel case string into a sentence. I always write it from scratch so I decided to put it here. It might also be a good idea to write it as an extension method for string class.

static string PascalCaseToSentence(string input)
 return Regex. . . .

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Using timestamps in batch files

Zdeslav Vojkovic
September 23, 2008

After failing many times before, I have finally found out how to create user-friendly timestamps in batch scripts. For many people this may be yesterday's news, but I am posting it here as a reminder to myself and in hope that it might help someone else.
Windows command shell (sometimes erroneously called DOS prompt) provides %DATE% . . .

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Automatic memory management myth

and why GC is not enough

Zdeslav Vojkovic
April 17, 2008

NOTE: C+11 standard introduces new smart pointer types to replace std::auto_ptr<> and boost versions.

At a recent interview, a job candidate ticked me off when we reached one of the topics which is very dear to my heart. We are mostly C++ shop, but many of our job applicants come from .NET background. So during the interview we . . .

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